Love is alive

All love is alive
It flows in and around us
Through us it changes the current
Creates ebbs and echoes
Cascades into everything
Starts as a shimmer and transcends
Into a brilliance unparalleled
Like the warmth of our enduring sun
It nurtures us, protects us
Sometimes against ourselves
Love is a quantity and a quality
An emotion, a state of being, a frame of mind
It is the substance of acceptance and forgiveness
It is the language of tolerance and cooperation
Love will guide us if we let it,
Bond us if we use it
And grant us serenity and peace if we carry it with us
In our hearts and minds
I love you with all of my being
And you too have the capacity to love
One another…And yourself

Freestyle Rhapsody

‘You are the only one for me. You are my drug, my ecstasy, the air I breathe, all I need, I want you on your knees, oh please, let me tease, make your body seize, have you gasp and wheeze, geez you got it in those jeans, whatever could I mean? — where have you been? I’ll make you flow like a stream, have you scream, baby we’re a team, we’ll do whatever we deem, from you I’ll never ween, making everybody green, of our thunder no wonder we’re a bundle so humble you make me crumble, shake and mumble, we’re like the rain that pours, each day I want you more, take me to floor, I’m yours.’

How You Make Me

remember that look we shared?
HOW it stared and dared
and conveyed desire without word
and seemed absurd
but made my heart
skip, then start
my ears fill with thunder
and my head with wonder?
now I revel in your touch
extraordinary skin
YOU MAKE ME forget to breathe
don’t leave
I will drown a million times
just for one more kiss
just like this