Be The Change

The days go around as the world spins around. Shadows cast on the walls. Keep burning the fires in your heart. Remember those joyous moments, however fleeting. Remember the smiling eyes and the look of happiness you’ve given another, you’ve given those whom you’ve loved the most. Those who’ve been there and who cared and who also share memories of you and your happiness. Let go not of the best and worst of your life, for those moments are ones that define you, that shape you and influence who you will become.

Until now, I always thought that the reason I write was for self-reflection and in order to put sense to the chaos that is the mind and soul, and document my meandering heartscape on a beautiful canvas. It is only now that I have come to realize that I do not write for myself, but rather I write for the future. I write for my children and their children. The only knowledge worth passing along is the knowledge of self and that knowledge must be cherished and only the self can discover identity and define purpose and shape wisdom from the world, and from life.

Only when the self is aware and your eyes are open, will the picture be bigger, the canvas be larger, the expanse of happiness be strongest and most possible. We must be conscious and willing to act if we are to change the world. One giant orgasm of the mind. Bring about change. Make things happen, don’t let things happen to you. It starts with being the change you want to see in others, and in the world.