I Know That I Don’t Know

I know that I don’t know everything or anything. I know that we are all so lost and starving for love and craving for the notions of possibilities and power that it makes us lesser. I know that the dark and alone is a place we all share. I know that there is so much to be found in life, so much wonder and mystery and excitement in every moment that it can and should be shared with everyone. I know we find something in each other like ourselves that often bonds us in unimaginably intangible ways. I know that the possibility of filling life with as much love as possible is worth every breath. I know that you are not alone because I am here and we are not alone, we are together. I know that we are connected and joined somehow amidst the Universe an electron, a pixel, a word, a phrase, a meaning and an emotion that I know to be mine is also yours. I know that you want more and that you are filled with pains and passions like every living thing must be. I want to tell you that you are going to be okay. I love you. I do. I may not have met you or seen you or felt you, but I know you. You are like me and we are beautiful. We are powerful beyond comprehension. We can do anything. Together. Let us breathe. Let us imagine and hope and dream and love. Let us live. Every moment is worth the fight. Every breath is worth it. You have worth, you have value, you have substance. You are love, you are divine and magnificent. You are glorious and I am here for you. There is always a path,  always a light in the dark. It is you, it is me, it is us. Just share your self: your love, your thoughts, your pleasure and your pain. Share with me everything. I want to help. You can help too. We can help each other. Let us reach the stars together, let us discover, let us learn, let us live with love and find peace amongst each other. Rest now, tomorrow is another day. It is filled with more moments for us to be better, more chances for us to change the world.

My Perfect Stranger

today you found me again/I can not help but wonder of you/you with your beautiful smile and laugh/how polite and calm and warm you are/surely an angel in disguise/it occurred to me that I do not know your name/but, as a stranger, you seem like a soul I know–a spirit so close and fond to mine that I am drawn to you/I know you feel it too/I can sense it, this bond we have, even if our moments spent together have been brief and cordial in scope/I know there is more here, more I want to find/more I want to know/more I need to experience/you make me want to run, to fly to you/you fill me up with wonder and excitement and nervousness/I have gone so long without these butterflies/I had almost forgot how they felt/I had to pause, my head was spinning, the world was spinning/I lost myself for a moment in your eyes/those cute black-rimmed glasses framed your cheek so well/that smile/I lost myself today/in a second, miles and miles I wandered into your eyes/you took my breath away–that has never happened to me/I gave you my number and you blushed and I felt ashamed and extremely nervous but what I should have done was ask for your number/last time we spoke I wanted to know you and I wanted to see you again/this time I just wanted to never lose you again without first making sure I could see you a third time/I know your mother’s name and where you work/almost fifty minutes of conversation and I still don’t know anything about you!/perhaps it is the mystery of you that excites me?/perhaps it is because I think too much about small things/maybe I am wrong and you don’t like me at all but just think I am interesting/I must confess that you are the most beautiful woman I have been so fortunate to speak to in a long time/you give me hope, the mystery of you and the questions that spin about my head make me grin in wonder/if you could find just one more chance to speak with me all this and more I would tell you and show you what you do to me/I cannot explain this but I don’t want to try either/I just want to enjoy this/I just want to solve the mystery of you, my perfect stranger.

Be The Change

The days go around as the world spins around. Shadows cast on the walls. Keep burning the fires in your heart. Remember those joyous moments, however fleeting. Remember the smiling eyes and the look of happiness you’ve given another, you’ve given those whom you’ve loved the most. Those who’ve been there and who cared and who also share memories of you and your happiness. Let go not of the best and worst of your life, for those moments are ones that define you, that shape you and influence who you will become.

Until now, I always thought that the reason I write was for self-reflection and in order to put sense to the chaos that is the mind and soul, and document my meandering heartscape on a beautiful canvas. It is only now that I have come to realize that I do not write for myself, but rather I write for the future. I write for my children and their children. The only knowledge worth passing along is the knowledge of self and that knowledge must be cherished and only the self can discover identity and define purpose and shape wisdom from the world, and from life.

Only when the self is aware and your eyes are open, will the picture be bigger, the canvas be larger, the expanse of happiness be strongest and most possible. We must be conscious and willing to act if we are to change the world. One giant orgasm of the mind. Bring about change. Make things happen, don’t let things happen to you. It starts with being the change you want to see in others, and in the world.