Be Open

Today, I saw beauty. Sharp little shards of ice fell in a furious rain as the sun lit their core with the dazzling luminance of starlight. For the shortest of exhales and at just the right angle when viewed, their crystalline forms contained rainbows. They then struck the hardened earth and shattered upon the ground in an exploding cascade of small sparkling splinters of ice. My breath was taken, my heart was waiting. When we think not to look we see what has meaning is everything.

One Time…

One time, while walking in the grass on the side of the road on a nice, sunny afternoon, a butterfly fluttered up from the grass beside me and as I stared at it and thought only of its beauty…I subconsciously stopped and stood motionless out of respect for its grace and fragility. To my utter amazement it fluttered right up to my face and landed on the tip of my nose. We were there, two beings transfixed for at least six whole seconds. I blinked, and the butterfly leapt up and fluttered its way skyward.

I will never forget that day, or that beautiful butterfly. Sometimes, it’s in the smallest and simplest of things that we find the serene, the mystical, the divine.