A 500 word reflection on self and humanity

Perhaps we, as men, are not at all what we should be? Perhaps we are merely the result of what we could be? A result of circumstance and those choices presented to us throughout our time? Perhaps we are still yet simply the result of that which our environment would have us? Not as we should be, not as we could be, not as a choice or by external force, but a man is a man by that which other men have made him. A father and a son, a brother and a friend, every other being helps mold the mind and heart of the child who will become the man. Throughout time, we have created countless titles to call ourselves, words and languages to communicate with one another, but the one most often forgot is that of human.

We are all human, all part of the whole of humanity. Our species is a young one by comparison, and yet with all our duration, we are best at change. Some changes, however, help us adapt and overcome, but others hasten us towards our very extinction.

I have lived almost thirty years. I have labored half of my life for the profit of others and under the direction of other men. Some would call me a follower, slave perhaps. I have no real property or wealth nor have I desire for them. I am still here, I am a leader, not a follower, I am a slave to no man, and all I desire to attain in life is truth. I write to share these truths with my fellow man so that he may know me and himself and come to know that he and I are both the same. All men share the world, why not with truths? I have many titles but only one name. I am an artist, poet, writer, craftsman, philosopher, romantic, clown, student, brother, dreamer, soldier, cousin, teacher, nephew, uncle, and son. I am the architect and mastermind. I am all these things and more, but so are others. I am more than the sum of my choices, and my words will mean more than their sum to more than some. I am an honest man and, like you, I too have questions, I too seek answers. Shall we find them together? Perhaps a place in the Sun for all our children? Everything begins with you, everything changes with you, everything good that is, ever was, or ever will be is up to us.

We must work together, we must not tire nor falter in this endeavor or it will be our last. We must foster love among ourselves, our family, our friends, every man must show love and kindness.
Man’s fire, man’s kindheartedness, must battle the darkness of despair and hatred in the world. We are the torch-bearers now. We must teach others to carry this flame, this love, or we are all doomed to live in the cold, the dark, and die alone and forgotten.


Is it in you?  Surely it’s in you as it is in me? As I believe it is in all of us. That which lies, dormant in some, in the heart and soul of each being. Is it a desire unknown, a longing, a thirst unquenched? It is a defiance, it is courage or bravery, it is the enduring spirit and character of a man. Against the odds, against each other and the world, man contests, professes, confesses that which is a part of his immutable character, that which is all his own and that which will only derive from his very own self. This is considered a man’s word, his honor, his testament. Truth is of the highest quality of word and those who seek truth, the philosophers, are of the highest quality of character. How could any self testimony, if composed entirely of silence, be construed, altered to seem or resemble an admission of guilt or acceptance or affirmation of any kind other than the affirmation of the existence of that which is most true of all — the self, the nous, that internal dialogue and reflection of oneself. By possessing the countenance of silence, man chooses to think instead of speak or act, he should not, by law, be considered less noble for such.

For, to what higher degree of censure could a sovereign hope to impose on an oppressed people but to deny those people the right to compose an argument or defense against that very oppression?

After Man

Will the world ever truly know what we have wrought? It will know the stone and metal and marble and asphalt–these beautiful monstrosities that we have left. Will it remember the scars we have visited upon it? Will it care for our struggles and endeavors; will it ever realize what we have sought to accomplish? It will have seen us grow and learn and adapt and change throughout time, but it will have seen us rise, and it will know our faults. It will have seen and witnessed all vice and virtue, all pleasure and pain. It will show of all the knowledge and constructs of the mind with which man sought to rule, govern, and inevitably destroy one another.
In time, will others find the remnants of our race, of our species and ask the right questions? Will they then ask what went wrong? When did it start? What were the changes that occurred that steered man to its end?
Will it be obvious, our obsession with the self? Will our sins be the clues that put our pieces back together?
Are we still sleeping? Perhaps once we dreamed and hoped and sought to brighten our future. The path now is a dark one.
When man is naught but dust and ash, and all that remains of society is questions, perhaps then can the planet heal.
A race of superior intellect will then call Earth its home. They outlasted man for they were not primative or violent and they will be a race that lives in harmony with thier environment–such that both benefit from the exchange.
We, as man, will be a lesson one day. Stories will be told of our folly and of our incapacity to love. One day, man will be the monster under the bed, the discord of the mind. One day, we will be an asterisk*…

*It’s all up to us.


In how many senses a thing essentially “is” is shown by the forms of the predicate we use in speaking of it, for to be has as many senses as there are forms.

…to be used in an analysis of the objects essential nature, were the following: substance, quantity, quality, relation, time, place, position, state, activity, and passivity.

Ways to define “substance” is “essence”…the essence is the individuality; …essence is composed of those things the enumeration of which makes a definition…to understand anything is to understand its essence.

The requirement for that which by excercise of thought passes from being something potentially to being it actually is that once the change is willed, nothing external must prevent its taking place.

On Guilt, Justice and Purpose

But acts in accordance with virtue are not justly or temperately performed simply because they are in themselves just or temperate. The doer at the time of performing them must satisfy certain conditions; in the first place, he must know what he is doing; secondly, he must deliberately choose to do it and do it for its own sake; and thirdly he must do it as part of his own firm and immutable character.

Moral purpose is a deliberate desire to bring about something good within our power to be accomplished…a wish is directed rather to an end but a moral purpose to the means.

To Comprehend Substance

The strength of the heart that is carried by each man should know no bounds, have no limit.

We cannot see when our eyes are closed, but we can still sense the world around us. We are an interpretation. Life, birth, and reality itself is an interpretation of the mind. We are only smart when we choose the correct path. Although circumstance exists.

We must prove that we neither know or do not know this as truth. It is a personal and wholly individual decision.

Are we ever truly prepared to accept the life that has been given us? If only so far as to comprehend the intention of substance.

Life is a matter of matter.

On Relation

If a man exists within, without or among is uncertain. If a man is in constant motion it could be possible for him to exist within only if he affected other matter. If a man existed without, he would be just composed of his own motion, but if a man could exist among–then he would know that the matter about him that he affects (as well as his own motion) is all part of the same energy, the same motion, the same action.

More Understanding

Just as it is difficult for us, sometimes, to understand ourselves, it is therefore extremely difficult to understand or even comprehend the actions, thoughts, or emotions of another beyond the concept we ourselves hold true of our own actions, thoughts, and emotions. We are both bound by our cosmic similarity and unique in our perception of that same bond. Our destinies, however so slightly, are invariably interconnected amongst the sprawling mass of existence. We are not tied to the whims of any man but ourselves.