Internet Concepts

The internet as we know it was born in 1965 when Thomas Merrill and Lawrence G. Roberts connected two computers together in Massachusetts and California over dial-up. The ARPANET was later developed by DARPA by the end of 1969.

First web browser was called Nexus in 1990, MidasWWW followed it in 1992 along with Lynx which was a text-based browser without images or graphics. In 1993, Mosaic is regarded as the first ‘real’ web browser and it allowed the user to display images.

In 1995, Internet Explorer was released by Microsoft for Windows computers. In 1996, Opera was created initially as a research project. Safari followed in 2003 and was Apple’s first browser. Mozilla Firefox was the first free, open-source browser released in 2004. In 2008, Google’s Chrome was launched and now makes up over 51% of browser usage on the planet. Recently, Microsoft released it’s Edge browser to compete with Google’s Chrome.

The entire internet is full of methods for people to communicate with one another. These methods include social networking, email, wikis and blogs, podcasts and webcasts, and streaming media. Social networking uses social media programs like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to make connections with other people. Social networking plays a large role in marketing of famous people and companies. Email is an electronic form of mail that lets people send text, files, and images to specific people or a group of individuals. Most people send email using a service like Outlook or Gmail. Wikis are like online encyclopedias that are open to additions and edits by anyone who uses them and are a good place to find quick information. The information you find there should be double-checked with other sources. A blog is short for a weblog and is basically an individual’s online journal that is open to users or the public. Podcasts and webcasts are online recordings or videos that are uploaded, posted, and viewable by the public. Streaming media is usually hosted by a service like YouTube and includes audio-visual videos and recordings.

Ecommerce is online commercial transactions. Ecommerce websites include selling products and services. Products can be apparel, food, digital products, or just about anything and services include consultants, and freelancers. Most ecommerce transactions take place in a marketplace like Amazon or eBay.


Love is alive

All love is alive
It flows in and around us
Through us it changes the current
Creates ebbs and echoes
Cascades into everything
Starts as a shimmer and transcends
Into a brilliance unparalleled
Like the warmth of our enduring sun
It nurtures us, protects us
Sometimes against ourselves
Love is a quantity and a quality
An emotion, a state of being, a frame of mind
It is the substance of acceptance and forgiveness
It is the language of tolerance and cooperation
Love will guide us if we let it,
Bond us if we use it
And grant us serenity and peace if we carry it with us
In our hearts and minds
I love you with all of my being
And you too have the capacity to love
One another…And yourself

Be Open

Today, I saw beauty. Sharp little shards of ice fell in a furious rain as the sun lit their core with the dazzling luminance of starlight. For the shortest of exhales and at just the right angle when viewed, their crystalline forms contained rainbows. They then struck the hardened earth and shattered upon the ground in an exploding cascade of small sparkling splinters of ice. My breath was taken, my heart was waiting. When we think not to look we see what has meaning is everything.

A Fifteen Year Old Said

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, Emma Watson has been in the news a lot lately. I will post more later about some of my thoughts on gender equality, but for now you should read this article on HelloGiggles and more importantly the letter a fifteen year old wrote (originally published in The Telegraph) because he says it right.