VIV – Personal Assistant

Progress towards true and complete Artificial Intelligence continues with the announcement of VIV, a new Personal Assistant similar to Apple’s Siri.

Two major points towards development are:

  1.  “A marketplace of developer-created, cloud-based, subject-matter ‘modules’ shown floating in a 3-D space” which visualizes an artificial brain for VIV, and
  2.  A self-writing, executable/programming system which appears to respond to a user’s verbal intent to write a program in ~10 nanoseconds.

VIV appears to automatically utilize the resources of its containment (hardware/software) to fulfill the intent of its user. If paired with a next-generation search to provide an extensive database of subject-matter ‘modules’, VIV could be the closest thing we have to AI to-date. VIV just needs to learn and to be used.


Siri-creator shows off first public demo of Viv, ‘the intelligent interface for everything’

Love is alive

All love is alive
It flows in and around us
Through us it changes the current
Creates ebbs and echoes
Cascades into everything
Starts as a shimmer and transcends
Into a brilliance unparalleled
Like the warmth of our enduring sun
It nurtures us, protects us
Sometimes against ourselves
Love is a quantity and a quality
An emotion, a state of being, a frame of mind
It is the substance of acceptance and forgiveness
It is the language of tolerance and cooperation
Love will guide us if we let it,
Bond us if we use it
And grant us serenity and peace if we carry it with us
In our hearts and minds
I love you with all of my being
And you too have the capacity to love
One another…And yourself