About Me

Hello World! You can call me John. I am an average guy living a squandered adulthood in lower-class America. I have a job, go to college, call my parents on occasion, and otherwise live a normal life.

Frivolous acquaintances aside, I encourage you to open your eyes, your heart and your mind.

I am currently in the U.S. Army as a member of the National Guard. I am also attending college in the fields of computer science and criminal justice.

Fifty years from now, my name will be irrelevant; my purpose will not. My words are what will matter–what will survive. Encased within this blog are years of thought, self-reflection, and philosophy. This material is a compilation–original, paraphrased, or directly quoted from various sources. Some of these entries are nonsensical, whimsical, or downright insane. Others are thought-provoking, bewildering, or life-changing. Still, if there is but one single sentence herein that could help change the world for the better, I am ready and willing…are you?

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