VIV – Personal Assistant

Progress towards true and complete Artificial Intelligence continues with the announcement of VIV, a new Personal Assistant similar to Apple’s Siri.

Two major points towards development are:

  1.  “A marketplace of developer-created, cloud-based, subject-matter ‘modules’ shown floating in a 3-D space” which visualizes an artificial brain for VIV, and
  2.  A self-writing, executable/programming system which appears to respond to a user’s verbal intent to write a program in ~10 nanoseconds.

VIV appears to automatically utilize the resources of its containment (hardware/software) to fulfill the intent of its user. If paired with a next-generation search to provide an extensive database of subject-matter ‘modules’, VIV could be the closest thing we have to AI to-date. VIV just needs to learn and to be used.


Siri-creator shows off first public demo of Viv, ‘the intelligent interface for everything’

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