The dawn will break

The sound of rain pouring from the sky down upon the roof high over our heads. The tremendous droplets thudding against the ground and creating small ripples across every surface. The sounds of thunder nearby reverberated through the high-arced ceiling like slamming doors.
The quiet murmur of the platoon of trainees drowned by the might of the storm outside. On each face, a quiet concern for the gear they had left on the ground outside. They look on wearily at this monsoon; the day had just begun.
Today they trained, but one day soon they’d be soldiers. They’d face the horrors of the world with fearless abandon. They would safeguard their home, their families, and their country against all the frightful terrors visited upon men by men.
Soon they would know death, but never failure, never defeat. Soon, they would know sorrow, but ever forward would they move.
The dawn will break, one day, and these cowering men and women will stand to face an even bigger storm, an even mightier foe–and all will stand tall and proud, unblinkingly forward.

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