A 500 word reflection on self and humanity

Perhaps we, as men, are not at all what we should be? Perhaps we are merely the result of what we could be? A result of circumstance and those choices presented to us throughout our time? Perhaps we are still yet simply the result of that which our environment would have us? Not as we should be, not as we could be, not as a choice or by external force, but a man is a man by that which other men have made him. A father and a son, a brother and a friend, every other being helps mold the mind and heart of the child who will become the man. Throughout time, we have created countless titles to call ourselves, words and languages to communicate with one another, but the one most often forgot is that of human.

We are all human, all part of the whole of humanity. Our species is a young one by comparison, and yet with all our duration, we are best at change. Some changes, however, help us adapt and overcome, but others hasten us towards our very extinction.

I have lived almost thirty years. I have labored half of my life for the profit of others and under the direction of other men. Some would call me a follower, slave perhaps. I have no real property or wealth nor have I desire for them. I am still here, I am a leader, not a follower, I am a slave to no man, and all I desire to attain in life is truth. I write to share these truths with my fellow man so that he may know me and himself and come to know that he and I are both the same. All men share the world, why not with truths? I have many titles but only one name. I am an artist, poet, writer, craftsman, philosopher, romantic, clown, student, brother, dreamer, soldier, cousin, teacher, nephew, uncle, and son. I am the architect and mastermind. I am all these things and more, but so are others. I am more than the sum of my choices, and my words will mean more than their sum to more than some. I am an honest man and, like you, I too have questions, I too seek answers. Shall we find them together? Perhaps a place in the Sun for all our children? Everything begins with you, everything changes with you, everything good that is, ever was, or ever will be is up to us.

We must work together, we must not tire nor falter in this endeavor or it will be our last. We must foster love among ourselves, our family, our friends, every man must show love and kindness.
Man’s fire, man’s kindheartedness, must battle the darkness of despair and hatred in the world. We are the torch-bearers now. We must teach others to carry this flame, this love, or we are all doomed to live in the cold, the dark, and die alone and forgotten.

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