Is it in you?  Surely it’s in you as it is in me? As I believe it is in all of us. That which lies, dormant in some, in the heart and soul of each being. Is it a desire unknown, a longing, a thirst unquenched? It is a defiance, it is courage or bravery, it is the enduring spirit and character of a man. Against the odds, against each other and the world, man contests, professes, confesses that which is a part of his immutable character, that which is all his own and that which will only derive from his very own self. This is considered a man’s word, his honor, his testament. Truth is of the highest quality of word and those who seek truth, the philosophers, are of the highest quality of character. How could any self testimony, if composed entirely of silence, be construed, altered to seem or resemble an admission of guilt or acceptance or affirmation of any kind other than the affirmation of the existence of that which is most true of all — the self, the nous, that internal dialogue and reflection of oneself. By possessing the countenance of silence, man chooses to think instead of speak or act, he should not, by law, be considered less noble for such.

For, to what higher degree of censure could a sovereign hope to impose on an oppressed people but to deny those people the right to compose an argument or defense against that very oppression?

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