take it from my soul
shove it through your hole
drop it on the floor
kick it out the door
I’ll be back for more

take it like the rest
tear it from my chest
bleeding in your face
heaven is a taste
your cries have erased

take me all around
turn me upside down
back and forth again
surely this is sin
all we are is skin

take me and only
we both are lonely
passion soothes the pain
heat, pressure, and strain
pleasurable maim

take it deep and slow
you will always glow
clutch, gasp, clench, and breathe
I will never leave
like fabric, we weave

take me up inside
all the way, don’t hide
free in this feeling
our minds are reeling
sensual healing

take me as I am
I can be your man
you’re my only light
you are worth the fight
our love is so right

take it and tremble
you will remember
that first mark, this mar
we are what we are
all love is a scar

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