How it happens

However it happens we never know, we never knew. I only knew how it feels and how it felt. I wanted to have you pressed up against me all day, every day. I spoke with you everyday. There was nothing left unsaid, no secrets between us. Our love is grande, it is passionate and wild and fun. You excite me, you understand me. Everyone knows me, very few understand me. You understand how I desire to please, to tease, to devour you.

You want me and you love me, you tell me often and I smile because I know it’s true. You show me the real you, you let me in, you tell me everything I want to know. You show me attitude and fire, you remind me that you are strong yet weak, confident yet bashful. You are proud and eager and never hold me back. You bring out the best in me: my inner beast… this hungry, untamed animal.

I am an animal. I am a passionate, unrelenting storm. My heart races as the pounding thunder and the fierceness of my desire pours outward from me like the driving rain. Catch me, let us fall wet to the floor and gasp for air, and fill our lungs with life and laughter and every inch of our bodies with pleasure.

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