My Perfect Stranger

today you found me again/I can not help but wonder of you/you with your beautiful smile and laugh/how polite and calm and warm you are/surely an angel in disguise/it occurred to me that I do not know your name/but, as a stranger, you seem like a soul I know–a spirit so close and fond to mine that I am drawn to you/I know you feel it too/I can sense it, this bond we have, even if our moments spent together have been brief and cordial in scope/I know there is more here, more I want to find/more I want to know/more I need to experience/you make me want to run, to fly to you/you fill me up with wonder and excitement and nervousness/I have gone so long without these butterflies/I had almost forgot how they felt/I had to pause, my head was spinning, the world was spinning/I lost myself for a moment in your eyes/those cute black-rimmed glasses framed your cheek so well/that smile/I lost myself today/in a second, miles and miles I wandered into your eyes/you took my breath away–that has never happened to me/I gave you my number and you blushed and I felt ashamed and extremely nervous but what I should have done was ask for your number/last time we spoke I wanted to know you and I wanted to see you again/this time I just wanted to never lose you again without first making sure I could see you a third time/I know your mother’s name and where you work/almost fifty minutes of conversation and I still don’t know anything about you!/perhaps it is the mystery of you that excites me?/perhaps it is because I think too much about small things/maybe I am wrong and you don’t like me at all but just think I am interesting/I must confess that you are the most beautiful woman I have been so fortunate to speak to in a long time/you give me hope, the mystery of you and the questions that spin about my head make me grin in wonder/if you could find just one more chance to speak with me all this and more I would tell you and show you what you do to me/I cannot explain this but I don’t want to try either/I just want to enjoy this/I just want to solve the mystery of you, my perfect stranger.

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