Love is like a candle:
lit with a spark of newness and attraction,
it lights the dark and burns away our bleak loneliness
with its dance and flickering warmth
it soothes our bodies and hearts against the cold misery of solitude
it burns marvelously at the wick in a perfectly graceful chaos
if we hold it long enough and keep it close to us, it will burn us
its wax will slowly drip and fill in the spaces between, bonding us together

But the candle will go out, the dance will end and the darkness will once again return
the brittle wax will cool and break, tearing us apart
smoke will rise from the wick and choke our throats and tear our eyes

Always later, after the flame is spent,
you can close your eyes and still see its shape in the dark,
dancing just as perfectly as you remember it

Just because I held you
Just because you burned me
Doesn’t mean I could ever forget you
Doesn’t mean I could ever stop loving you
Because our love was like a candle
and in this shapeless dark
I still have that spark

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