A Moment. A Feeling.

Cherishing the upward gaze of the roundest brown eyes that long, for a time, at a familiar face. Curious and mocking, her sleek eyebrows speak in dares and from within the glow behind those eyes there is a place where elves and faeries dance to and fro. Oh how seduction lies in that playful curvature of her lips. Who, in a grin, hath taken my breath and who, in a smile, my pain. Playful yet shy as she pulls loose pieces of hair to her mouth and bites, nibbling at its tips then stops with a sigh or a giggle as she realizes she’s doing it again. Irresistible. Her charm is impeccable, yet the quiet lingers at times and I notice the worry she carries. Something in the unspoken moments between our stares that is found in me a warmth and a solace; a time of contentment among chaos.

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