On Reason

Reason makes facts intelligible.

Reason is a justified statement.

A fact is a thing of existence and/or actual occurance presented as objective reality (not subjective).

[To be] justified is [to be] characterized by definition.

A statement is a summary of activity or process of presenting (usu. publicly, orally and of oneself) and it is to make known; formally, officially, explicitly, evidently, emphatically, et al.

To define is to be definite. To be definite is to be certain and free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or obscurity; to be unquestionable, indisputable, unopposed, or unable to be engaged in argument or debate.

Certainty is a specific character, quantity, or degree (state) of a quality.

Therefore, the best quality of reason is certainty and the best state of reason is definite.

~ Johnnathan Durtche

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