When Truth Hurts, Honesty Helps

Discovering personal truths is easy, wandering upon blatant truths about those around you that make you consider strolling into traffic with a blindfold, hurts.  It is not difficult to find meaning within yourself, sit for hours in meditation while contemplating your own personal feelings about the universe, or comprehend the connectedness of otherwise inconsistent or meaningless facts and concepts, but it is difficult to not know what others are thinking or feeling. Communication exists for the sole purpose of expression, relation and correlation.  If one does not communicate, one will never know beyond their self how to relate or form relationships with others.  Do not tell me one thing, think another, and then proceed to do something else altogether–this is confusing, illogical, and hurts.  I ask that you consider what others think and feel about what you say, think, and do and that in this way you are a more responsible person; worthy of my respect, adoration, and eventually love.  I only ask of others what I expect of myself.  Do not make things more difficult than they need to be–if you wanted to call me to ask if we could have sex tonight at 9:32 PM, that you would be leaving at 12:35 PM, and that I had better not expect to call you the next day and get an answer, by all means necessary–tell me, show me, or inform me in some way so that I can completely understand you.  Never expect me to read your mind–Despite my best efforts, I am not at this time telepathic (but I am still working on it).  This tirade is meant to be merely informative, although a few emotional elements have derived, I hope my points are understood and practiced by anyone in a relationship or hoping to be.

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