Living by yourself is a difficult task by itself, but managing your finances and work schedule while starting a relationship is a lot to do for a guy heading back to college.  I have not had enough experience with casual relationships to know how to handle them appropriately (evidentally).  I have this strange feeling that I am trying too hard to be around and in her company, although I am not certain she wishes me to be.  Her life is almost as hectic as mine so we do not get to spend a lot of time with each other, but I still think about her an absurd amount. 

Due to the economy (I blame it for everything lol) my employer has rescheduled me and assigned me strange hours lately.  With community college classes starting this week, I am excited about having something to do with my free time (which is usually the late hours of the night when I should be sleeping).  I do believe I will get back into reading and taking more photographs as these are fond activities and distractions from the norm. 

Nothing much to report for now other than I play PC games entirely too much and I think I should take a break from them (even though I love them lol).  Air drumming is like air guitar only looks a lot stranger but is pretty enjoyable if you’ve ever tried.


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