More True to Life

I will begin to give this place a more true to life feeling.  I will begin to use this space to more commonly express my inner turmoils, everyday struggles and exasperated situations.  I will try to entertain my viewers with poignant stories and thereby grant them a sense of compassion for me.  I will ask you to love me, I will make you hate me, but mostly I will grant you a moment of vexation while you read on with piqued, timid eyes.  Let it be known that there is no subject that is beyond my quandary and no literary space between the Heavens and Earth that I will not travel.

We really do not know how much time remains.  We can hope the time that we have is well spent.  We can spend that time in the company of those whom we know and have come to love. We can love them for who they are and what lessons they have taught us.  However, unless that knowledge is transferred to others, the world may not know of you.  The world may not know of me.  Hello world, let me share something with you.

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