Make A Person

Primarily sought a good read from the source and later discovered a possible application for character creation in creative writing…

[People] are dynamic constructions achieved through trail-and-error by the individual, species and/or the society. [People] represent not the structure of the environment but its action, insofar as to have an influence on the system. Thus, the development of knowledge is an evolutionary process characterized by variation mechanisms and selection criteria.


There is no “absolutely true” model of reality: there are many different [people], any of which may be adequate for solving particular problems, but no [person] is capable of solving all problems. The most efficient way to choose or to construct a [person] who is adequate for the given problem is by reasoning on a metacognitive level, where a class of possible [people] can be analyzed and compared.


[People] further require an analysis of how they use a concept, how they happen to introduce/describe themselves, how they could possibly be modified in order to be more adequate/efficient, etc. Our reasoning in this process is metacognitive, a reasoning not about “the world as it is”, but about the relation of our own knowledge to the world and to the goals we pursue.




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