I have opened the door to gardens and angels. I seek the unfound–the unknown. I find not answers, but revel in the discovery of questions. A man is born once, but is always living. The existance of being is eternal and everlasting; but for the most undiscovered and untapped. The human potential is immeasurable and uncalculable. The waters have always flowed, and we swim and sink amidst its vastness–its absoluteness. To some it is bleak; others find hope in the waters as a “part” of the flow. We choose our direction and find our path. I want to fly, to find another meaning amongst these watery depths. To shed this mortal coil and ascend to the sky above.

A small place inside I find when I ponder sometimes. It feels like home–it is not convincing, but the dream is pleasant (the dream of happiness). To be happy, I must be fulfilled and become complete if I am ever to understand. Maybe it is not the understanding, but the complexity of the grasping the dream that enlightens.

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