Where Am I

Where am I headed? Do I even have a direction anymore? For so long it seems I have blown lost upon the winds of change. Now that occupation brings security, it fails to produce change. Monotony once again becomes my days. I like to work with people. Each new face or unanswered question is a small challenge I eagerly await. It is the familiarity and repetition of tasks that seems to bore me. I shall study then. I think that I must learn to do new things. I want to explore. Mostly, I want to love again. I’ve been so alone for so long.

I think of passion and smirks, the smell of her hair, her hips pressed into mine, our chests colliding and that tingle down her spine. The soft touch of her skin my fingertips can never forget, I could kiss her body all night through. I need kindness and understanding, patience and courage.

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