In the Minds of Men

That in all a manner of happenstance we should choose our states among fellow men. That each day, and with every action and just course we develop and foster good will among men. That by these tools we create a bond–a fellowship betwixt mortals. These foundations of better life that include trust and loyalty–honesty in all things.

That often men misuse tools for corrupt occupation or endeavor. That we must prove in the minds of other men that these tools exist and are of our benefit to use properly.

A solution is always found. Problems are both complex and simplex at the one time. Will provides direction, courage purpose, and passion desire. Live, Love, Learn. We must have direction and the will to live, we must learn courage to survive and overcome, and we must possess an intense concern for everything.

The element of surprise will always be unpredictable. The uncertainty of certainty will confound the brightest of scholars. Even within the darkest depths the soul will e’er travel, discovery is possible. Where a door now presents itself, imagine not a finite key exists.

The leaves have gathered in my mind. Collected in separate color and of varied age. Some are brittle and others moist of liquid within. The wind plays a maestro to them all. Dusty, swept aside, the branches long-since disregarded them. Like a debtor’s hand played to the sum of nothing–they were discarded without a second glance; these the minds of mind.

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